What's included in carpet cleaning?

  • - Professional “steam” (Hot Water Extraction HWE) cleaning of carpeted rooms with a truck mount system. If you live in a high rise or there is no parking available, we use a professional portable steam cleaner.
  • - Corner protection for your walls from hoses
  • - Each room is assumed to be approximately 200 square feet
  • - A flight of stairs can be substituted for 1 room
  • - Removal of dirt, debris, and spots. Some spots and stains such as kool-aid, gatorade, slime, candle wax, gum may need additional stain removal or replacement for an additional charge.

When will I be able to walk on my floors after carpet cleaning?

  • - It is best to allow a drying time of six to eight hours before you resume regular traffic on your carpet. Light traffic with clean socks or booties (we provide) is okay, but walking from damp carpet to a hard surface is SLIPPERY, so you must be very cautious. For optimal drying times, the temperature in the house should be between 70-72, with the air moving via fans, ceiling fans, etc.

Should I vacuum my carpet before?

  • - You can never vacuum too much! Although carpet cleaning will remove the vast majority of soil and allergens from your carpet, it definitely doesn't hurt to do a preliminary once-over with your vacuum. Vacuuming before we arrive allows the steam cleaning process to work even more effectively, because an entire top layer of dust, dirt, hair, and other debris has already been removed. This allows the carpet cleaning pre-spray solution process to extract deeper levels of soil, and that means you get a deeper clean.

Why should I hire a professional to clean my carpets?

  • - Carpet can get pretty filthy pretty quickly, especially if there are pets, kids, or lots of foot traffic involved. Although you can rent or buy your own carpet cleaning machine, they're not as powerful nor as effective as our truck mounted machine. Our water reaches 250 degrees, so it not only cleans, it sanitizes. Some off-the-shelf cleaners have a high pH, which can leave a residue behind or have other negative results. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner who has the professional-grade equipment, cleaning solutions, and deodorizers on hand means your carpet gets cleaned deeper and dries faster.

What if I have a very large room?

  • - The estimates provided assume that each room is approximately 200 square feet. Once we arrive and are able to survey the rooms, we will be sure to let you know if additional fees apply before cleaning begins.

How long will the cleaning take?

  • - The more rooms you need cleaned, the longer the job, but the whole process shouldn't take longer than 3 hours or so. Once the cleaning is done, however, it can take up to 4-6 hours for carpets to dry completely, depending on airflow, air temperature, and humidity.

What is deodorizer and carpet protection?

  • - Deodorizer uses enzymes to neutralize and remove odors such as vomit and pet waste. Unfortunately if the odor source has reached the backing or padding complete removal of the odor cannot be guaranteed. Additional Treatments are available for an additional charge. Carpet protection shields each fiber of the carpet allowing the carpet to resist dirt, spills, and stains. This protection should allow you to keep your carpet looking cleaner longer.

Do I need to move all my furniture?

  • - No, but you should move as much furniture out of the way as possible before we arrive. The more you've done to expose as much carpet as possible, the more surface area we can clean, and the happier you'll be with the results.

What's included in Tile & Grout Cleaning?

  • - Estimate listed assumes each room is approximately 200 sq. ft.
  • - Removal of dirt, dust, and grime
  • - Deep clean grout and tile with specialized equipment and solution
  • - An application of the appropriate cleaning solution, agitation, and high-pressure rinse extraction
  • - If selected, a clear penetrating clear sealant that provides a barrier against future staining.

Do I need to move all my furniture out of the way before the Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning?

  • - It's best to move as much furniture out of the way as possible before your tile and grout floor cleaning appointment. The more you've done to expose as much flooring as possible, the more tiled surface area the pro can clean, and the happier you'll be with the results.

What if I want both Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning for tiled backsplash, showers or countertops?

  • - Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning involves floor cleaning only, but you can let us know if you'd like us to clean and seal other tile surfaces. We can provide the additional services you're looking for, and give you an updated price before your tile and grout floor cleaning appointment.

Why should I hire a pro for Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning?

  • - Mops and brooms can do a great job removing dirt and dust, but they don't do the best job at uprooting grime. It's best to call in a pro for a thorough sanitizing tile and grout floor cleaning. We are experienced specialists, with state-of-the-art equipment and industry-grade cleaning solutions.

What if I also need tile or grout repair?

  • - At this time we do not offer grout or tile repairs. Please alert us If certain areas of your flooring need to be repaired. We will do a preliminary inspection before cleaning, however due to improper installation and age, sometimes grout is loosened and comes up with cleaning.

What is restorative cleaning?

  • - This describes a more aggressive cleaning process that works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile and stone that have been neglected for years or has had color sealant applied to the grout. The acid cleaner actually removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it hard water deposits, soap scum and efflorescence. Using this process, requires cleaning first with an alkali cleanser, then using the acid cleanser, cleaning again with the alkali cleanser and rinsing with a neutralizer to bring your tile & grout back to a neutral pH. Restorative cleaning is amazing, but cannot be guaranteed to remove all stains or color sealant (although we give it our best attempt).