In a nutshell

Owner operated.

which means you have an owner at each job.

We have been in business since 1986.

We have the experience and knowledge.

We believe what we do is important

We choose chemicals that protect you and us while doing an amazing job.

We take pride in our work

We don't take shortcuts!

We believe in respecting your time, family, pets, furniture, and wall corners.

We truly want you to be a forever friend.
Royalty Carpet and Tile Work Truck

The Full Story


Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning lives and breathes excellence. It has been a part of our mission statement since 1986, “Personalized Service, Committed to Excellence.” Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning rises above our competitors because we focus on our clients and we treat each job as a unique opportunity to establish a long term relationship. We care about our clients happiness, their environment, and their time. In order to do this, we follow the industry standard every single time, and we take extra steps to get our desired results while protecting their investment. How do we do this? We protect corners with corner guards so we don’t ding up their paint, we put stakes in their lawn to protect their lawn and shrubs from being burned by our hot hoses, and we always make sure to make it as perfect as possible.

Original Royalty Carpet and Tile Logo from 1986Original Royalty Carpet and Tile Work Truck from 1986

Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning opened its door in 1986, when Bob Winchell retired from the military. He started Royalty Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to provide for him and his son Craig (who was 12 at the time.) Bob knew that personal relationships were first and foremost. The Royalty logo was a rose, and after he completed a job he would give a rose to every appointment as a sincere thank you. Those relationships kept his business strong and alive, and many of his earliest clients became some of his closest friends. When it was time for him to retire, (for the second time), his son Craig took over the family business in 2010.

Current Royalty Carpet and Tile LogoBob Winchell next to work truck in the 1900s


Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning takes great pride in our integrity, and since we are owner operated the buck stops with us. This personal responsibility ensures our clients the highest technical expertise and the best customer service. At every job, there is an owner present, but we also encourage open communication through a variety of means, whether it is through call, text, email, or social media. We love our job, because honestly, our clients are happy to see us when we arrive, and happy when we finish. It is such a good feeling to be a part of someone's life and make it just a little bit better. In our industry many chemicals can be used that are not always healthy for the environment or the person, and we have made it an integral part of our company that we use environmentally friendly products. We are always happy to provide the safety detail sheets if someone has a particular sensitivity, but we also offer products that have no scent and are hypo-allergenic. This transparency allows our clients to trust in the process. It is our job to make everyone’s environment as healthy as possible.


Craig and I are a pretty awesome team. We are complete opposites, constantly striving for excellence in our business, so that means that we have all the bases covered! We have received countless commendations about our teamwork and have even been asked for marriage advice occasionally! We are proactive in building this teamwork by focusing on our strengths, and while each of us can run each part of the business, Craig’s attention to detail puts him as lead most of the time in the field, with me running support and customer service. In the office, I am the office manager, while Craig is the shop manager. We wear a lot of hats, but we enjoy our work, and it is never dull!


In order to be trustworthy we demonstrate our commitment to our local business. We do this by guaranteeing our work which is provided by our experience and knowledge. We use the Better Business Bureau, online reviews, and social media to allow our clients to share how they feel about us and our work. It can be difficult to invite someone into your home without having met them before and so we appreciate the online review and referral system that is provided in the online community to all our prospective clients. Trust has grown our business from day one and this is a major pillar of Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning.

Company Work Truck in front of Round Rock Central Fire Station after cleaning


At Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning we believe you must earn the respect of your clients, your peers, and your vendors. We believe that EVERY interaction deserves respect and therefore we are constantly striving to improve our processes and customer service. We maintain open communication within all of our relationships, and we freely give our knowledge whether someone has a question about a DIY option or if we are mentoring a new carpet cleaning business.

On the job at Round Rock Central Fire Station

Community Involvement

Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning supports our community in a few different ways that are near and dear to our hearts. We always offer our military members and nonprofits 20% off as a thank you for their service. Every year we also participate in the Shubee fundraiser for Breast Cancer, which allows us and our customers to get involved.

Rockin’ City Roller Derby fundraiserRoyalty Carpet and Tile proud sponsers of Rockin’ City Roller Derby

Kelly has been involved in non-profit work for over 15 years and serves on the board of Rockin’ City Roller Derby team in Round Rock, TX. There are many community sponsored events in which we are involved in conjunction with Rockin’ City Roller Derby. To name just a few, Royalty Carpet & Tile Cleaning has been involved in a Food Drive for the Round Rock Serving Area, a skate a thon for the junior roller derby team, and donations for cleaning services as raffle prizes to donate to the Rock Sports Arena.